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Manual Trolleys

  • VT Trolley

    VT Trolley

    Coffing VT-A Trolleys offer a versatile, push-type, industrial grade hook mount incorporating universal wheel tread design. It is ideal for use on a variety of American Standard Beams, wide flange beams and patented track applications.   ...

  • CTA Trolley

    CTA Trolley

    Coffing CTA Models feature enhanced design, and available in plain and geared models which can be modified to fit a wide range of beam sizes and styles. The CTA is designed to provide easy operation and superior performance in industrial lifting...

  • Universal Trolley

    Universal Trolley

    The CM Universal Trolley (UT) is designed to fit virtually all Columbus McKinnon powered chain hoists up to 3 ton capacities. The rugged UT is competitively priced and available as a convertible plain unit, a geared unit ideal for precise hoist...

  • Series 84A Trolley

    Series 84A Trolley

    The CM Series 84A Plain or Geared Trolley features a minimal maintenance design with fully sealed precision bearings, heavy-duty side frames and fully machined wheel tread for a superior performance over a long life. This trolley is built for heavy duty,...

  • Series 632 Close Radius Trolley

    Series 632 Close Radius Trolley

    The CM Series 632 Close Radius Trolley features all the strength of competitive trolleys, but in a shorter and lighter design. This trolley has the ability to handle tighter curves and still maintains low headroom capabilities.   Rugged Design...

  • CBT Trolley

    CBT Trolley

    The CM Hoist CBT Trolley features steel wrap around side plates, dual tread wheels and lifetime lubricated shielded ball bearings in a plain or geared trolleys. Versatile, economical, and reliable; the smooth rolling CM Hoist CBT is the economical choice...

  • Rigid Mount Trolley

    Rigid Mount Trolley

    Budgit Rigid Mount Trolleys are designed especially for use with lug suspended BEHC, 6000 Series, 2200 Series and USA Models. These trolleys are ideal for low head room applications where distance from floor to I-beam is limited. LONG LIFE Wheels...