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  • Unified Festoon Trolley

    Unified Festoon Trolley

    Festoon Trolleys: ETA-4/5 Trolleys | ETA-8 Trolleys ETA-4/5 Trolley Features* High tensile almag alloy frame 1.8" Nylon glass reinforced wheels, with permanently sealed precision ball bearings High impact nylon guide rollers with dual race...

  • Unified Limit Switch Assemblies

    Unified Limit Switch Assemblies

    Assemblies: ETA-4/5 | ETA-8 Individual Components: Brackets | Trip Arms 25677 - Single Over Travel Switch Assembly for ETA-4/5/8 Features Mounts to Bridge or Runwway Rail Works on ETA-4/8 & 8 Rail (67001 - Limit Switch sold...

  • Unified Festooning Components

    Unified Festooning Components

    Parts: Festoon Brackets | Electric Components | Air Hoses | FR/FRL/Manual Lockouts Hardware Part # 25070 Part # 25075/25095 Part Number 25290 - Hose Connector Bracket for ETA-4 25070 - Hose Connector Bracket for ETA-5 25070 - Hose Connector...

  • Unified Festooning Kit - Electric

    Unified Festooning Kit - Electric

    Runway Festoon Slider Kit Features (1) ETA Electric Junction Box Assembly (1) ETA Flat Wire Anchor Assembly Festoon Slider Trolleys Not Included: 67000 Flat Wire Cable Operates in ETA-4/5 Runway RailPart Number Operates in ETA-8 Runway RailPart...

  • Unified Festooning Kit - Air

    Unified Festooning Kit - Air

    Unified Festooning Kit - Air Runway Coiled Hose Festoon Kit Features Two Blue Whip Hoses Blue Coiled Hose Two ETA Festoon Brackets 1/4" Nylon Coated Cable Assembly Part Number   29105 - 05'-0" - 1/2" Runway Air Festoon Kit 29205 - 05'-0" -...